Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cake – fudgy chocolate cake lightly spiced with cinnamon paired with crunchy toffee bits and silky smooth chocolate buttercream frosting. A new layer cake recipe by our contributor, Tessa Huff.

Winter always sneaks up on me. On the lucky days where the sun in shining bright, I tend to forget just how crisp and cold the outside air is here in Canada. We’ve lived up here for five years now, and with Thanksgiving in October, I feel like theholiday season gets extended… and I love it


Before we dive straight into peppermint and eggnog everything, I wanted to create this subtly spiced, decadent cake. I’ve been craving cozy and the combination of chocolate, cinnamon, and toffee crunch in this recipe is like a giant hug – like cuddle under your thickest quilt with a warm hot chocolate kind of comfort. The piped knit details bring it all together.

The chocolate buttermilk cake doesn’t have a lot of rise but is so fudgy and moist. My new favorite. I love the crunchy element in the form of toffee that interrupts the smooth, silky chocolate buttercream. Chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream is underrated – every time I use it, I questions why I don’t smoother it on everything I bake. A bit of cinnamon sneaks into the different elements to add a bit of spice in each bite.




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